Smart WiFi / Zigbee Built-in Battery Rechargeable Φ25mm Roller Shutter Motor for Φ38 Tubes

  • A battery-powered motor,provides a perfect solution for hard-to-reach window coverings.It is designed for roller shades, Roman,sheer horizontals, and woven wood shades.Great for interior applications,Ideal for areas where wiring may be a challenge,Installs in minutes,Flexible power and control options,Superior quality.
  • Use USB Dongle to connect with internet,Reduce motor power consumption, make the motor standby time longer,and use USB Charge wire to power the blinds motor not need adapter More convenient and safety
  • Child Safe,Voice controlled via Alexa,Google Home And Apple Siri shortcuts.Works with Tuya Smart or Smart Life App.Please note only connects to 2.4GHz,Can be operated from anywhere in the world.
  • Group control and Home security Enhanced. The ability to have your blinds open and close, even when you are not at home.You can raise and lower multiple blinds at the same time.
  • Package with one way RF remote controller. If you or someone you love has restricted mobility who finds opening and closing blinds challenging, then fitting an automated blind motor will make their life so much easier.