Smart WiFi / ZigBee Motorized Curtain Telescopic Track Electric Curtain Rod

SIXINSMART Smart Curtain WiFi ZigBee Protocol

  • Operating voltage: 110V~240V/AC 50/60Hz
  • Operating current: 0.25A
  • Rated power: 40W
  • Rated torque: 1.2 N.m
  • Rated speed: 14cm/s
  • Noise level: <30 dB
  • Maximum load: 20Kg
  • App: Tuya Smart or Smart Life
  • Compatible voice: Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • Communication technology: 2.4GHz WiFi or ZigBee 3.0 protocol
  • Control method: Voice control, RF remote control , App control , Timing control , Manual control
  • DIY range: Custom mounting methods, Custom opening methods


Smart Motorized Curtain Telescopic Electric Curtain Rod Kit

Revolutionizing Home Automation with Cutting-Edge Curtain Solutions

Introducing the Smart Motorized Curtain Telescopic Electric Curtain Rod Kit, an advanced solution designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest smart home technologies. This sophisticated kit combines precision engineering, high-quality materials, and the latest in smart home automation, offering unparalleled convenience, control, and customization for both residential and commercial settings. Below, we delve into the technical aspects and features that make this product a standout in the smart home market.

Product Features and Specifications

1. Advanced App Control

Effortlessly manage your curtains from any location using the Tuya Smart or Smart Life applications. Utilizing advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the WiFi version connects directly to your home network without the need for a gateway hub, ensuring seamless and low-latency operation. The ZigBee version integrates with the Tuya ZigBee hub, taking advantage of ZigBee’s robust, low-power mesh networking capabilities. This dual-connectivity ensures reliable performance and extensive coverage, accommodating various smart home configurations.

2. Enhanced Voice Control

Achieve true hands-free automation with compatibility for major voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and AI-driven commands, users can control curtain operations with simple voice prompts. This feature not only enhances convenience but also integrates seamlessly with other smart home devices, allowing for comprehensive and synchronized home automation scenarios.

3. Sophisticated RF Remote Control

The included 433.92MHz RF remote control employs radio frequency technology to manage up to 20 smart motors simultaneously. This high-frequency remote ensures a wide operational range and dependable performance, making it ideal for large spaces or multi-window installations. RF control offers low latency and interference resistance, essential for maintaining consistent and responsive curtain control in various environments.

4. Precise Timing Control

Integrate your smart curtains into your daily routine with customizable time schedules, enabled by precise real-time clock (RTC) modules. These schedules can be set to operate according to specific times or in sync with natural light patterns, such as sunrise and sunset.

5. Intuitive Hand-Pull Control

The system features an advanced hand-pull control mechanism equipped with a sensitive motion sensor. When the curtain is pulled more than 10cm, the built-in motorized drive system activates automatically, providing intuitive manual control without compromising the system’s automated capabilities. This feature is particularly useful for users who prefer a hands-on approach while still enjoying the benefits of automation.

6. Resilient Manual Operation During Power Outages

Designed for resilience, the curtain system includes a manual override feature, allowing operation during power outages through a robust mechanical release mechanism. This ensures the curtains remain operational regardless of power availability, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted functionality.

7. High-Strength Construction

The curtain track system boasts a 1.3mm wall thickness aluminum profile, engineered for maximum durability and longevity. Coupled with a 1.2 N.m ultra-high torque motor, the system supports a maximum load of 20kg, ensuring reliable performance even with heavy curtain fabrics. This robust construction is ideal for various interior design applications, from lightweight sheers to heavy drapes.

8. Versatile Installation Options

The system offers flexible installation methods, including both ceiling and side wall mounting options. This versatility allows for seamless integration into diverse architectural styles and interior designs, ensuring a perfect fit for any space. The telescopic design further simplifies installation by accommodating various window sizes without the need for precise measurements.

9. Sophisticated Group Control Function

The sophisticated group control functionality allows multiple curtains to be synchronized and controlled simultaneously via the app. This feature supports advanced scene creation and management, enabling users to tailor their environment with a single command. Group control is essential for large open-plan spaces and multi-room installations, providing centralized and efficient management.

10. Shared Control Authority

With the control authority sharing feature, the system supports multi-user access. This is particularly useful in shared living spaces or commercial environments where multiple individuals need control access. Permissions can be easily managed within the app, ensuring secure and convenient control, enhancing the user experience by allowing multiple stakeholders to manage the smart curtains effectively.

11. Soft Start and Stop Function

The soft start and stop function ensures smooth and quiet operation, reducing wear and tear on the motor and extending the system’s lifespan. This feature also enhances the user experience by providing a seamless and gentle curtain movement, preventing abrupt starts and stops that could disrupt the ambiance.

12. One-Touch Proportional Opening

The RF remote control offers one-touch proportional opening options, allowing users to open curtains to 25%, 50%, or 75% with a single button press. This feature provides precise control over natural light levels and privacy, catering to different user preferences and requirements throughout the day.

13. Innovative Telescopic Curtain Rod Design

The innovative telescopic curtain rod design eliminates the need for precise measurements, making installation straightforward and reducing inventory costs. This adjustable design accommodates various window sizes, enhancing flexibility and ease of use. It simplifies logistics for suppliers and ensures that end-users can achieve a perfect fit without extensive customization.

14. RS485 Control Compatibility

The system is compatible with RS485 control, enabling integration with advanced building management systems (BMS). RS485 is known for its reliable and long-distance communication capabilities, making it ideal for commercial installations. This compatibility ensures the system can be integrated into larger automation networks, offering centralized control and monitoring, which is essential for commercial applications and large residential complexes.

Why Choose the Smart Motorized Curtain Telescopic Electric Curtain Rod Kit?

This advanced smart curtain solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into modern smart home ecosystems, offering robust performance, advanced automation features, and unparalleled customization options. With its precision engineering, high-quality materials, and sophisticated control mechanisms, the Smart Motorized Curtain Telescopic Electric Curtain Rod Kit is the ultimate choice for those seeking to enhance their living or working environments with cutting-edge smart home technology.

Upgrade your space today with the Smart Motorized Curtain Telescopic Electric Curtain Rod Kit and experience the pinnacle of home automation. This product not only meets the demands of modern living but also anticipates future needs with its adaptable and innovative features, ensuring long-term satisfaction and operational excellence.

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