Tuya Smart Heavy Duty Curtain/Stage Curtain Opening and Closing Curtain

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  • Motor Voltage:110V/AC or 220V/AC, 50/60Hz
  • Motor Decibel:≤35dB
  • Motor Torque:80N
  • Moving Speed:18cm/s
  • Max Load (Single Motor):150KG
  • Max Load (Double Motor):300KG
  • Max Length (Single Motor):32m
  • Max Length (Double Motor):50m
  • Motor Power:180W
  • Insulation Class:E
  • Protection Class:IP41
  • Wire Length:1M
  • Radio Frequency:433.92MHz
  • Control method: Voice control, RF remote control , App control , Timing control , Manual control
  • DIY range: Custom lengths, custom shapes, custom mounting methods, custom opening methods


Tuya Smart Heavy Duty Curtain/Stage Curtain Opening and Closing System

Introducing the Tuya Smart Heavy Duty Curtain/Stage Curtain Opening and Closing System, a state-of-the-art solution tailored for modern smart homes and professional stage environments. Engineered with precision, this advanced curtain system combines robust performance with cutting-edge smart home integration, ensuring reliable and seamless operation for a variety of applications.

Advanced Control Capabilities

1. App Control

Utilizing the Tuya Smart or Smart Life App, users can control their curtains anytime and anywhere, overcoming time and distance constraints. This feature allows for real-time adjustments, whether for optimizing indoor lighting or ensuring privacy.

2. Voice Control

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the system offers hands-free operation through simple voice commands. This functionality is particularly beneficial in scenarios where manual control is impractical, such as during presentations or performances.

3. 433.92MHz RF Remote Control

The system includes a 433.92MHz RF remote control, capable of managing up to 20 smart motors simultaneously. This high-frequency remote ensures reliable control over large installations, essential for professional stage environments.

4. Hand-Pull Control

For intuitive manual operation, the curtains will automatically open when pulled up by more than 10cm. This feature ensures ease of use and immediate response, enhancing user convenience.

5. Manual Operation During Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, the system allows for manual operation of the curtains, ensuring continuous functionality and reliability. This feature is critical for maintaining operation during unforeseen circumstances.

Superior Build and Performance

6. Heavy-Duty Track

Constructed with a 2.5mm thick aluminum profile, the electric curtain track supports a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300kg. This robust design ensures durability and long-term reliability, making it ideal for heavy stage curtains.

7. Ultra-High Torque Motor

Featuring an 80 N.m ultra-high torque motor, the system can handle a maximum load of 300kg. The powerful motor guarantees smooth and efficient operation, even for the heaviest curtains, ensuring consistent performance.

Customization and Flexibility

8. Installation Options

The system offers versatile installation options, including ceiling and side wall installations. This flexibility allows the system to adapt to various architectural requirements, ensuring seamless integration into any environment.

9. Custom Track Shapes

Whether you need linear, trapezoidal, or curved tracks, the Tuya Smart Heavy Duty Curtain system can be customized to meet your specific needs. This feature provides tailored solutions for unique stage or room designs.

Enhanced Functionality

10. Group Control Function

Through the App, multiple curtains can be grouped and controlled simultaneously with a single click. This feature is ideal for managing large venues or homes with multiple curtains, providing streamlined and efficient control.

11. Timing Control Function

Automate curtain operations with custom time schedules. Set your curtains to open or close based on specific times or local sunrise and sunset schedules, integrating seamlessly with your home automation system.

12. Control Authority Sharing

Share control authority with multiple users, allowing collaborative operation of the curtain system. This feature is particularly useful in environments where multiple individuals need control, ensuring convenient and efficient management.

Motor Specifications and Performance:

  • The 80 N.m ultra-high torque motor is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. This motor type employs a high-efficiency gearbox and brushless DC technology, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Its high torque output enables it to handle substantial loads without compromising speed or smoothness.

Noise Reduction:

  • Utilizing advanced noise reduction technologies, the system ensures quiet operation, a critical feature for stage environments where noise can disrupt performances. The motor and track are designed with precision engineering to minimize operational noise, providing a quiet and unobtrusive user experience.

Safety Features:

  • Safety is paramount in the design of the Tuya Smart Heavy Duty Curtain system. The system includes an overload protection mechanism, which automatically stops the motor if an obstruction is detected, preventing damage and ensuring user safety. Additionally, the manual operation feature during power outages ensures that the curtains can be safely operated without electrical power.

Advantages and Applications of Intelligent Stage Curtains


  • Enhanced Automation: Intelligent stage curtains can be programmed to operate automatically based on pre-set schedules or in response to environmental sensors, such as light and motion detectors. This automation enhances efficiency and reduces the need for manual intervention.
  • Energy Efficiency: By automating curtain operations, intelligent systems can contribute to energy savings. For example, curtains can be programmed to close during peak sunlight hours to reduce cooling costs, or to open during winter mornings to allow natural heating.
  • Improved Aesthetics and Functionality: Intelligent curtain systems provide seamless integration with stage designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality. The ability to customize track shapes and installation options ensures that the system complements any architectural or stage design.


  • Theatrical and Performance Venues: The robust and versatile nature of the Tuya Smart Heavy Duty Curtain system makes it ideal for theatrical applications, where reliable and smooth operation of stage curtains is crucial for performance success.
  • Conference and Event Halls: In large venues, the ability to control multiple curtains simultaneously and automate their operation enhances the efficiency of event management. The system ensures quick and coordinated control, essential for events requiring frequent curtain adjustments.
  • Residential and Commercial Spaces: Beyond stage applications, the system’s advanced features make it suitable for high-end residential and commercial spaces. The integration with smart home ecosystems and the ability to automate curtain operations contribute to improved comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience.

The Tuya Smart Heavy Duty Curtain/Stage Curtain Opening and Closing System represents a pinnacle of modern smart home and stage technology. With advanced control capabilities, superior build and performance, and extensive customization options, this system is designed to meet the demanding needs of both residential and professional environments. Embrace the future of intelligent stage curtain systems with Tuya, where innovation meets excellence.

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